Can you believe you can be hospitalized at home?

You can.
A patient movement of 25,000 strong and counting chose home hospital care for their admission.
Your Home in Our Hospital...Our Hospital in Your Home.®

A 3D immersion experience called tiny house Great Medicine is traveling across the country.

The tiny house Great Medicine communication platform is a mobile version of the Medically Home® model that has all of the components that make the home hospital possible. It is a powerful experiential tool that is able to (for the very first time) convey the entire Medically Home idea, vision and model.

It’s about time
the hospital comes to you.

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From our Family to Yours...

Here is what the home hospital helped us solve.
Medically Home’s first patient, Chuck Vannoy, completed his home hospitalization on June 12th of 2017, becoming a pioneer in his 90’s that has advanced a movement for patients and a new standard of care. Today, 25,000 patients and counting have now had the opportunity to receive their hospital care from home.

Here is his story:

Chuck had been admitted to a hospital 6 times in the 18 months prior to his home hospitalization with multiple stays in skilled nursing facilities to rehabilitate function lost during hospitalization. Chuck was legally blind which made it difficult to navigate facilities and he didn't want to be in a hospital facility again. So when he was offered home hospital care, he agreed.

His daughter and granddaughter have shared that their first thought when they heard he would be admitted to the home hospital was, "How can hospital care be provided at home?" And then starting on day one, they saw how his needs were met so quickly. How his care team would check in on him throughout the day both virtually and in person. How they were not only able to be present when Chuck was speaking with the doctor, but they were able to have family who wasn't in the area speak with the care team as well. And most importantly, how he improved. Chuck's family recently shared that they believe having access to home hospital care made it possible for them to have Chuck with them longer than they would have otherwise. For the remainder of Chuck's life, he would never have to be admitted to a bricks and mortar facility again, which is what he and his family wanted for him.

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